Who Wants An Original Apple 1 Computer?

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In 1976, an original Apple 1 computer would’ve cost you $666.66. Fast forward 39 years, and today, the starting bid is at $370,000.

Little did Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs know at the time, the Apple 1, which originally began as an attempt to build an affordable microprocessor, would lead to the creation of the first personal computer to hit the market, and ultimately, the (not-so-affordable) Apple empire.

Wozniak and Jobs built around 200 of the machines, which were sold without cases, power supplies, keyboards or monitors, but did offer a pre-assembled motherboard (something that put them ahead of the competition of competing self-assembly kits of the day).

Today, only 50 or so Apple 1 computers are still in existence, and one of them is up for grabs.

Online auctioneer Christie’s has started the bidding at $370,000 (£240,000), a little more than a 55,500 percent markup from its original price tag.

The model comes accompanied by an original manual issued by Apple which is said to be in very good condition. The board has been mounted in a painted fiberglass case with keyboard and has been fitted with an original Apple cassette interface.

As for the electronics, they haven’t been tested and the machine hasn’t been turned on in nearly a decade, but, hey, with the help of an engineer, you can probably get this thing running (and have bragging rights, too). And that’s priceless.

The auction runs until October 29, so if you’re an Apple addict and have some spare change, you’ll want to get bidding soon.

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