Now There’s An Easier Way To Shoot Down Drones

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Shooting down your neighbor’s pesky drone with a shotgun might be a thing of the past now (not that it should’ve ever have been a thing).

A new anti UAV defense system uses a more sophisticated approach to taking down drones.

Developed by British company trio, Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems Ltd., the defense system uses a combination of radar, a camera and a jamming system. (Clearly the UK is ready for robot-on-robot warfare.)

This thing is sort of like a big, giant death ray (and way cooler than shotgun if you ask me). It works like this:

First, the radar identifies and tracks the misbehaving drone. Once the drone is within camera range, the electro-optical camera follows the drone, keeping it in focus at all times. Then, prepare for attack. The jamming system comes into play, sending out a radio frequency signal via its three antennas. The drone gets its final last words, then drops to the ground in seconds. RIP drone.

The radar can track drones up to five miles away, and detect UAVs as small as 15 square inches.

Obviously, this system is meant for commercial drones, and not high-flying Predators, but it’s cool to see something comparable to Boeing’s HEL MD being offered at the commercial level.

While this system isn’t actually available for ordinary consumers to use (sorry, neighbors, you’ll have to stick with shotguns for now), it does serve a useful purpose in countering hazardous commercial drones.

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