Is Drone Fishing the Next Big Thing?

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People like to do crazy stuff with drones. Just take this guy, who catches a fish with his DJI Phantom 2.

In what’s apparently his first try (though I’m guessing he practiced a little beforehand), the fisherman snags a fish straight out of the lake almost effortlessly and flies the drone back to shore.

The tiny catch won’t break any records for size. And if drone fishing were to become the next big thing, it’d have to be done in waters stocked with small fish (I wouldn’t risk anything bigger than a small bluegill taking down my $500 Phantom). There better be a lot of them in the water, too, considering most drones only fly for about 25 minutes.

If you’re a saltwater fisher, drone fishing might not be for you. But for other hobbyists, fishing via drone (and getting an aerial view of the whole thing) seems way more fun than snagging your catch with an ordinary pole.

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