14 Robots Having a Worse Monday than You

Read on ecnmag.com.

Monday morning got you feeling a little…less than human? Did you have trouble getting out the door this morning? Was your ride to work the worst? Was opening the door and climbing the stairs just too much to deal with? If you said yes to any one of these (or all of these) you’re not alone. Here are 14 robots having a worse Monday than you. (PS: Your Monday’s about to get much, much better.)

Okay, these robot falls are actually from DARPA’s Robotics Challenge finals, which kicked off Friday, but that doesn’t make the video any less hilarious. Robots had to complete seemingly simple tasks, like walk to a vehicle, drive a vehicle, open a door, climb stairs, among others, which we totally have trouble completing on Monday mornings, too. We have to give these robots credit, though. Every time one of these automatons performs even the simplest of these tasks, it’s a huge accomplishment of technology. But every time they don’t it’s a good laugh.

And in case you missed DARPA’s Robotics Challenge, find all the deets here.

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